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Support show in Vera, Groningen on Friday October 24th

We will play a rare show in Vera, Groningen on Friday next week with Delain.

We are looking forward to it a lot and hope to see you there!


Picture by Wendy Steenmans

Kevin Storm joins the ranks

Well over a year ago, Jeroen informed us of his wish to focus all of his attention and efforts on Herder. Considering the tremendous pace at which Herder had been moving ahead, creating music that fit Jeroen like a glove, we certainly could not blame him. So we parted ways in silence in 2012 after the Metal For Mara show and decided to step back and take our time to contemplate our future. Jeroen had been such an integral part of our collective that we were not sure who, or if indeed anyone at all, could replace him.

Over the course of 2013, it became apparent that only one name kept popping up when discussing the subject: Kevin Storm. A guitar player by nature, at first we had not given him much thought. But over time, we became convinced that, were he to consider switching instruments, he might well be the man for the job. To our delight, he was all too eager to give it a go and it could not have worked out better. The shows we did together have convinced us beyond the shadow of a doubt that we have found our collective way forward.

Kevin is an incredibly versatile and dedicated artist who, both personally and musically, truly fits the Autumn mold in a way that we had not deemed possible after the departure of Jeroen. And so it is we take this opportunity to officially welcome a comrade as well as wave off a dear friend. Kevin will be fully involved in writing what we believe will be our finest album yet. Seriously. Jeroen meanwhile, is well on his way to greater things with a band we should all be keeping a close eye on!

We believe that changes like these ask for a little Proof of Life.

We are working on a teaser. It will be a testament of our musical future.

Hang tight!

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Video of the first song from Cold Comfort called The Scarecrow.

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