Support show in Vera, Groningen on Friday October 24th

We will play a rare show in Vera, Groningen on Friday next week with Delain.

We are looking forward to it a lot and hope to see you there!


Picture by Wendy Steenmans

Kevin Storm joins the ranks

Well over a year ago, Jeroen informed us of his wish to focus all of his attention and efforts on Herder. Considering the tremendous pace at which Herder had been moving ahead, creating music that fit Jeroen like a glove, we certainly could not blame him. So we parted ways in silence in 2012 after the Metal For Mara show and decided to step back and take our time to contemplate our future. Jeroen had been such an integral part of our collective that we were not sure who, or if indeed anyone at all, could replace him.

Over the course of 2013, it became apparent that only one name kept popping up when discussing the subject: Kevin Storm. A guitar player by nature, at first we had not given him much thought. But over time, we became convinced that, were he to consider switching instruments, he might well be the man for the job. To our delight, he was all too eager to give it a go and it could not have worked out better. The shows we did together have convinced us beyond the shadow of a doubt that we have found our collective way forward.

Kevin is an incredibly versatile and dedicated artist who, both personally and musically, truly fits the Autumn mold in a way that we had not deemed possible after the departure of Jeroen. And so it is we take this opportunity to officially welcome a comrade as well as wave off a dear friend. Kevin will be fully involved in writing what we believe will be our finest album yet. Seriously. Jeroen meanwhile, is well on his way to greater things with a band we should all be keeping a close eye on!

We believe that changes like these ask for a little Proof of Life.

We are working on a teaser. It will be a testament of our musical future.

Hang tight!

Picture by Gema Perez

Dear reader,

After a hibernation spanning two winters and all seasons in between, Autumn is slowly starting to wake from its slumber.

While wrapping up promotion for Cold Comfort, we felt it was necessary to take some time off to focus on a variety of things life had thrown at us. Now we find ourselves rested, replenished and increasingly rearing to go. So, what does the future hold, what can you expect from us?

For one, we are in writing mode for what is to be our sixth full-length studio album. The first songs are already nearing fine-tuning stage and we have not even kicked into high gear yet. We are very exited and proud of the new material and the direction it seems to be taking us and we can hardly wait to share it with you! But we will be taking our time: Like any good wine, this should get better with age.

However, we will be up and about in the meantime. Starting this May, we will be playing a handful of shows to play off the rust, show our faces, connect, re-connect and have a great time hanging out with anyone who feels like showing up. These shows will be special, one-offs: We will be playing with a slightly altered, temporary line-up. Filling in for Jan (temporarily working overseas) on drums is long-time friend Jetse Goris (Mountainbirds, ex-Krause) while bass duties will be handled by multi-talented artist Kevin Storm (Cardamon, The Comeback.) Expect an archetypal Autumn show, but with a little bit of a twist...

We cannot wait to hit the stage in May and hope to see many of you there. Rest assured, our days of rest are over and you will be hearing from us soon!

Check out the tour section for an update of the new shows.

Take care,

Release Cold Comfort



Today our new album will be released across Europe and tomorrow in North America.

Digitally it will be available (amongst other webshops) via i-tunes.

We hope you will enjoy it!

We had alot of fun during the shows last weekend and we would like to thank everyone who showed up to share the first live sounds of 'Cold Comfort' with us! In the following weeks we will tour throughout Holland to present the new songs to you.

At the moment we are finishing the edit of a brandnew video we shot for 'The Scarecrow', the first track of the album, so expect it online soon!

Details and front art of the new album: Cold Comfort


Cold Comfort

We are proud to announce the details and reveal the front art of our upcoming new album Cold Comfort!

The album will be released November 4th/7th in Europe and November 8th in Canda and the US via Metal Blade Records.

Cold Comfort is our fifth full-length effort, the third for Metal Blade Records. The album was recorded and mixed at DTaudioproductions and was mastered at amsterdammastering. The cover artwork was created by the artist Oers Sardi, and band photograpy was done by Gema Perez.

We are very excited and proud, and can't wait to share it with you.

Listen to the title track Cold Comfort, Check out the tracklisting, and check the pre-order options at

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